Recently we did a bridal campaign shoot for a local Croatian fashion designer LUKABU.  We worked with a great team in an old abandoned villa what really suits the concept and captured some beautiful portraits of our model Martina. She has a very unique face, what inspires us as a photographers. It was not an easy shooting because of the light and devastation in the villa. Most of the rooms are very dark and dangerous to walk beside this one with a big window and a beautiful light passing through. But just that darkness, moodity and surrounding  inspires us even more for these photos. We wanted to capture the contrasts and rawness of the place while staying true to the richness of the ruinous building. For some photos we brought the chair with us and simple put it sideward near the natura light. That is how we achieved mysticism and obedience. We had 5 outfits to capture before sunset so no time to lose.

We also owe part of inspiration Tv series The Handmaid’s Tale that we just adore. We wanted to capture the main theme, psychological manipulation and identity-loss which implies that we need to reshape our own reception of how we view ourselves.

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