We met nine years ago with instant connection. We both work in local newspaper. All started when Jasmina’s car got broken and Davor instantly offer to drive to work. Next thing we realize is that we are practical neighbours. We become best friends very quickly and today we are husband and wife. Jasmina attracted to Davor’s restless nature and comedy routines. Davor drawn to Jasmina’s quiet strength and modest. That’s how it all started. We think we have something amazing to offer, something special together. We love to dream, to create. That is why we adore the art of photography. Photography improves us in so many ways. Being authors and generating images means that we take the responsibility. The responsibility to focus on capturing the things that really matter: the genuine moments. We are fully commit to your wedding day, mingling with your guests and building relationships. That allow us to take intimate photos. We’ll probably become friends and that is one more precious thing we get with every wedding. We believe in friends before clients.

If you are in love and not afraid to show it, than you are the type of couples we would like to shoot. We don’t mind whether you shy or like to photograph. If you truly cares about your wedding photos we are the perfect match. Also if you have destination wedding we want to hear from you about the amazing adventure you have planed. Regardless of budget, reach out to us.