What are your prices?

Contact us via email and we’ll send you brochure with prices and more information.

How can I book you?

To secure your date with us, you just need to submit 20% of whatever package you choose that best suits your wedding needs. This is a non-refundable deposit that goes towards your overall package cost. In addition, we require a signed contract. After that, your date is secured and we are yours for the day!

How long in advance do we have to book you?

If you plan to get married on a Saturday or Friday like most people do, you should contact us as soon as you know the exact date. There are only 52 weekends a year and many couples are looking for a photographer 9-12 months in advance.

How many photos do we get?

That depends on how long we stay at your wedding, on the number of guests, on the location and decoration but also on your needs. You can expect anything from 600 to 1000 images on your USB. We place more importance on quality over quantity!

After the wedding, how long does it take to receive our photos?

You can expect to have photos in 6 weeks.

Will we get images in hi-res?

Yes. You’ll get all images, post-processed and as high resolution digital files (JPG).

Do you offer wedding books?

Yes, we offer high quality wedding books.

Will you travel to shoot my wedding?

Yes, we are more than happy to travel around or even overseas to shoot a wedding. Prices will be discussed beforehand to cover flights, accommodation and any other travel expenses.

We don’t live in Croatia. How can we talk?

Most of our clients hire us without an in-person meeting but we are also happy to set up a Skype video call with you whenever you are available.